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Default Migrating to 2010 & 4.0

Actually it wasn't so much of a migration as it was a 'build it with...'
Yes I created it in 2010 using 4.0 and with the exception of a few things it went over quite easy. There are some things to remember and a lot depends on how you plan on doing the conversion. I decided that I wanted the whole thing treated as a project rather than a web site with three projects attached. So I also turned PaidTimeOffUI into a project.

If you do this, there are some extra steps that will need to be performed.
1) Add "namespace = PaidTimeOffUI" (without the quotes) to all the pages in PaidTimeOffUI. This would be all the .cs pages.
2) For all the .aspx pages, right click and on the page and turn it into an application. This will add a designer page to each on so now you will have three pages for each .aspx (.aspx, .aspx.cs, .aspx.designer.cs)
3) Check each .aspx page to see what it says is being inherited. You will now need to add the namespace designation.
4) Check the pages listed under Administration. Along with the namespace designation you will also need to add the subdirectory name. (i.e. PaidTimeOffUI.Administration.<CLASS NAME>) Some of these pages already have "Administration_Administration.aspx" or similar. Check the class name to make sure they match. I got rid of the Administration_ part in both the class and the inherit part and just used the namespace.subdirectory.class (which still came out as PaidTimeOffUI.Administration.administration).

Anyway, it does work, I did it, just make sure that everything is referenced correctly and you shouldn't have any real problems. If you run into anything let me know.

Originally Posted by hasanboby View Post
Hi everyone,

Did any one migrated the project to VS 2010 (.net 4.0)?
I am using this project in VS 2008 .net 3.5.
Now I am planning to migrate the project to VS 2010 and do the rest of development in latest version earlier than any amendments to existing application.
Is it risk free to migrate the application? Did anyone have that experience?
Please share if you faced any issues and did you solved them?