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Default Current Errata additions

Here is a composite of all emails with errata I have received from readers.

page 14
point 3.2…doesn't state new color to be set.
page 14
point 5.4…the image files are NOT on the DVD. They are in the source code download.
pages 58-59 in the Lesson 4 Try It
there is no mention of @synthesize textLabel.
This is a major gaffe for an introduction to outlets and actions.
the statement does show in the video. I hope my students find it.

Here are some issues I came across in Chapter 5.
Some are not errata but are due to Xcode updates.

Page 69: Step 1 incorrectly identifies the project as FruitList. It’s FruitTest.
Page 71: Step 4.2 should be after the line @implementation Lesson5ViewController.
Page 72: Step 5.3 should be select the Objective-C Class (in Xcode 4.5.1).
Page 75: Omission after Step 5, @synthesize all outlet properties in the FruitDetailViewController.m file.
Page 76: Step 12.3, only one segue circle may show up in Xcode . If 4.5.1. The three segue choices appear when mouse is released. Select Modal.
Page 78: Step 13.2, omission...should be “method in” Lesson5ViewController.m.
Page 79: Step 13: the dataObject errors will fix up after Step 15.

Possible Errata after page 79:

At this point, I have gone through Lessons 1-9. The latter chapters are mostly error-free. A recurring issue has been the omission of @synthesize statements. I note these below. The videos are a big plus.

page 90, insert @synthesize reminder between Steps 7.5 and 7.6.
page 90, Step 8.5 has a typo…should be "Add the following lines".
page 100, insert new Step 4.3 informing reader to @synthesize userLabel.
page 108, need @synthesize reminder for largeImage and animatedImage.
page 116, you kindly mention @synthesize in Step 4.2 but didn't include cityAndSubjectPicker.

1. page 121: initWithTimeIntervalSinceReferenceDate creates a date
relative to midnight on January 1, 2001. You were thinking of initWithTimeIntervalSince1970.
2. page 121 minor typo in last line on page…should be textualRepresentation.

I would like to thank all readers who have brought these to my and the publisher's attention.

Take Care,
Gene Backlin

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