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Default Automation Error in Design Schemes

I have greatly enjoyed Ms. Feddema's book. I find the advice practical -- for instance I loved her comments on the various tools Access provides for creating reports.

I did have a problem with LNC, which I worked through, now I am having a problem with Design Schemes. This is frustrating, because I ran it once, it seemed to work fine, so I moved on to other issues. Now I wanted to crank out a number of forms, and Design Schemes isn't working. After I walk through the Custom Form Wizard, select Standard form, my table name, and Finish, I get a "Microsoft Office Access" error dialog box: "Error No: -2147221231;Description Automation Error ClassFactory cannot supply requested class"

When I hit ctl-break to go into debug, debug highlights a line 1449 at the end of the ModuleTextHF() function, "Resume ModuleTextHFExit"

I've tried everything i can think of, mostly being sure references are OK, re-booting my machine, removing and re-installing Design Schemes add-in. Any suggestions? I'd love to be able to use the Design Schemes.

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