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Default Checking if a text box is empty


I want to be able to check if a text box is empty, show a message if it is, otherwise it should continue to the else code.

When i run the program and try to convert when nothing is in the text box, it skips the message and goes straight to an error "Input string was not in a correct format."

I have noted where the program stops. I figure its because the empty text box isnt a double. It seems to disregard the empty textbox message. I hope i am not in over my head here.

private void btnLengthConvert_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
          //check if textbox is empty  
          if (tbxLengthToConvert == null)

            //check if the centimetre radio button is checked and then run the math
            if (rbCM.Checked == true)
                double length = double.Parse(tbxLengthToConvert.Text); ERROR
                double mm = length * 10;
                double cm = length * 1;
                double mt = length * 0.01;
                double km = length * 0.00001;
                double inches = length * 2.54;
                double feet = length * 0.032808399;

                tbxLenMm.Text = mm.ToString();
                tbxLenCm.Text = cm.ToString();
                tbxLenMetres.Text = mt.ToString();
                tbxLenKm.Text = km.ToString();
                tbxLenIn.Text = inches.ToString();
                tbxLenFt.Text = feet.ToString();

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