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Default Missing a concept somewhere

I go back a ways as an amateur programmer, and the data abstraction and object orientation of today's systems leaves me feeling a bit disoriented. What I used to do to pass information around, write some data to a file in one application, and open the file in another has become vastly complicated trying to decipher the names and functions of data objects, and finding that what books and sample codes do are never what I want to do. It leaves me wondering whether I'm wanting to do the wrong thing...that there's another approach to the problem, or whether my interests are obscure.

With that preamble....what I am doing is using Access to create and manage the user side of data organization. I'm managing collections of photographs. I'm using Access rather than coding the whole thing in VB because I can crib from Access stuff I've done for work. Most reuse of experience, code and form design. Now to actually do something with this information I need to work in a programming language, and most of what I want to do can't be done in VBA, but seems accessible VB2012 or VB.Net.

Fine...but what I want doesn't seem to be discussed. All I want to do is pass the data I have in my tables to VB. Simple, but for the life of me, I can't find an example that
1) dimensions something to be the receiver of that data
2) gives me a sample line of receiver(contents)= databasetable (contents)
so I can
3) do something with receiver(contents)
4) somewhere in there is also a description of how some wizard does most of this that I'm not following.

I suspect the example is in the book or the sample code.... but I'm just not OO lingo savvy enough to see it. I go back to Fortran punch cards folks and I don't program for a living. All I'm trying to do at the moment is get a working prototype going. A real programmer could probably do it all properly in a few days, but I need to having something to get to that point.