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Pro 4 looks interesting, though I'm really hoping that they'll remove the old classic ASP stuff one reviewer mentioned as being a prominent subject of the book--better to focus on the current language than the compare against an old one that doesn't need any attention, IMO. The main drawback of Pro 4 for me is that I don't want to buy it when a new version comes out in a month. :)

What I really would have liked to see is a follow-up to this book, one which takes the same approach of building a webpage, but with more advanced topics. That doesn't seem to be the focus of the Pro book at all, sadly. In its place, what I'd like is a good overall reference. Apress's Pro 4.5 in C# is also not out yet (released in April), but their beginning book is structured a bit more like a reference than yours is, and covers some additional topics. I actually started that one before switching to yours (yours is much more readable.) I'll probably switch back to perusing through that one when I finish the last couple of chapters of your book. After that, I'm not sure where to head next.

As an additional question, is there a reason you didn't give any attention to FormView in your book? Both your book and the Apress Beginning 4.5 book (which addressed it slightly) ignored it for the most part.

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