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Default A muddy hole...

First let me thank you for your very fast response and fairly good explanation. I'm still wrapping my mind around the set and get structure, adjusting it from my use of it in VB6 (yeah, I'm ancient).

Where you lost me is your assertion that @synthesize is no longer necessary if I use @property, which would mean that the code in the book by 'missing' the @synthesize portion is just fine because it still directs readers to use @property (My assumption.)

If this is true, then there is some setting on my Mac that I'm missing because my copy of xCode is saying that it is Version 4.6 (4H127). The iPhone simulator says that it is the iPhone 6.1 Simulator, yet if I remove the line @synthesize textLabel; command from the .m file I get an error saying "Use of undeclared identifier 'textLabel'; did you mean '_textLabel'?" and the system offers to 'fix' it (but the fix doesn't result in a functioning app.)

The only thing that I can think may have to do with this is that your response quotes:

@property (strong, nonatomic) NSString *value;

But the code in the video and book use a weak not strong storage value...
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