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Default Can we Create Control Array in ASP.NET?


I am having a form which is receiving the marks of subjects from the user. The subjects are dynamically fetched from the database and each subject is assigned a number so that I can get the number of the subject which is going to be stored in another table marks.

In marks table I am having some other fields called internal assessment and external, semester, date of exam and the marks should be entered in dynamic way. The subjects may be vary as the candidate's course and if he is attending any arrear papers also been checked and I displayed all the subjects in a repeater. But I was unable to create controls dynamically. In this controls field, the internal and external marks are going to get through text boxes, date is from calendar control and the semester is going to be selected from a dropdown box to which the data is going to be assigned from some other table (this must also repeated because sometimes the semester may change).

Is there any possibility of creating control array like in VB? Because I will get the marks for each subject with the help of subjects identity number and will store it in table.

Please help me if there is any possibility of creating a control array in ASP.NET.

Thanks in advance.


Senthil Kumar M.