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Default I was just looking at your script.

I was just looking at the SQL Script in-depth that you supply with the download for the book, and I noticed that it already had all of the PK-FK relationships and all relationships already put in for us automatically. So in essence it is really not necessary to do the database diagram exercise that you have in the book, because all of the PK-FK stuff is already coded into the SQL script that comes with the download from the book. The only reason I was stressing about the database diagram stuff was because I was afraid that the deletes and updates would not cascade down later on like they were supposed to with db entity relationships. But you coded that in all for us already. So correct me if I am wrong, all you need to do is go to Visual Studio 2012, create a new database inside of Visual Studio 2012 called Planet Wrox, then take the script that you supplied and run it against the Planet Wrox database and you are off and running to the races. You can proceed onto Chapter 13 and do the exercises with no real problems. Cool! Way Cool!
PS. I also noticed that the SQL Script that comes with your book already has clustered keyed index with CONSTRAINT[PK_Review]Primary Key Clustered. Cool, way cool. That will definitely help with search times on the database.

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