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Default Lesson 12 Try It!

The Step-by-Step, and also the section on "Reading Variables" pg 153 did not work for me at all.

Using the Express Edition, I had to:

1) Set a Breakpoint, as you noted.

2) Run the program (start DeBugging)

3) The program stops at the Breakpoint and pops-up the form.

4) Press the Enter key on the keyboard. This highlights the code in yellow, and opens the Locals window.

5)NOW you can hover the mouse to see the values of the variables, or press
F10 to step through the code.


Even this does not work in all cases.

In Lesson 12, Ex 2 (Celsius to Fahrenheit), setting a Breakpoint next to :

"private void celsiusButton_Click"

and pressing DeBug does not open the Locals window unless I click the Celsius "Go" button in the form.

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