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I believe that is what it's supposed to look like in the end.

I agree, the book does NOT have very good continuity and it's confusing when the code the author gives is supposed to be just an example or when it's code were are supposed to actually type in.

I've found other issues where models are given that contain other classes that are never implemented in the book.

It's too bad because the book itself touches on great subjects. Also, I guess we need to remember that "Professional" is supposed to mean that you have some experience, but even some pros would probably be lost.

I have yet to find one good MVC book that can actually take someone by the hand that hasn't used MVC before and actually guide them through it cleanly. They all seem to have good and bad points.

What I've done with this book is just to swallow my pride and roll up my sleeves and attempt to make it work. What I can say is, that definitely reinforces the concepts into my head and my more apt to remember it than just blindly typing in code. Usually, that's how you learn, especially in the real world. You run into an issue that stumps you. You fight through it, getting help from either the internet or other people, and eventually you figure it out. I find when that happens, I tend to not forget what I learned from that experience that helps me grow as a developer. It's worked that way for the past 15+ years for me!

I don't know if that was the intent of the author, but I tend to believe it wasn't. However, in the end, it is making me a better MVC programmer in the end.

But, I do agree the continuity is not very good. Not sure how the previous editions were, but I have heard from some that the MVC 2 book was pretty good.