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Default Divided by Zero and Print Landscape

I use following coding to calculate the percentage.

do while rs.eof=false

totalBH1 = (totalBH1 + cint(rs("BH")))
Response.Write("<td align=center>" & rs("BH") & "</td>")

total1 = (total1 + cint(rs("total")))
Response.Write("<td align=center>" & rs("total") & "</td>")


per = (total1/totalBH1)*100 // line 187

end if

"<td align=center>" & per & "%" &"</td>" & _

some time values in totalBH1 is zero it give following error

Error Type:
Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A000B)
Division by zero
/tabulation/bmhours/FOWMHR2.asp, line 187

Zero can not be divided to any values. it is infinate value.
how can control this ?
if totalBH1 is ZERO it should display 0% how ?

in the PER field.

2. Secondly problem.

   How can print the ASP page invoice in LANDSCAPE and
   PORTRAIT ? and should be pring in center alignment.

3. how can set the printer setting in asp page ?



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