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Default session Attribute

Problem:When I pass the attributes from pgm1.jsp to pgm2.jsp, it is ok the first time. But when I try again and it's supposed to get new parameters and saved in session attributes again in pgm1, but the result is the same in pgm2.
I use System.out.print to print cou_code in pgm1 and it displays correctly, but the result doesn't match in pgm2.The result is always the same.
Pgm1.jsp: a).It contains serveral session.setAttribute("cou_code");.....
b).a form inside which calls onSubmit to trigger'pgm2.jsp','ExPrt','target= _blank',top=110,left=100,toolbar=no,scrollbars=no, location=no,width=300,height=5,status=no';return false;
c.) a submit button
Pgm2.jsp: a) session=true in @page
b) session.getAttribute("cou_code")......pgm processing
c) display a table

How can I solve it? Thanks a lot