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Default Works Perfectly

Hi Imar,

Your first suggestion works perfectly and I'll pursue the Model Binding Tutorial in the second suggestion - thank you very much! I should note that your steps need to be followed in the exact order given (delete .tt before changing EDMX property). Also, the auto EF update of the config file requires a cut-paste to move the ConfigSections back to the beginning of the file - at least in my little test.

Yes, I felt a guilt pain as I triple posted. I assumed that MS folks would be monitoring the roll-out of their new VS release and would jump at clarifying an issue like this where backward compatibility was broken. It was frustrating when MSDN produced zero response so I posted on ASP.NET which produced no response from a person familiar with VS 2013. Stack Overflow was my last hope. I'm guessing that I'm not the only person who will encounter this problem. So, perhaps the multiple postings will save other developers the time I wasted on this issue. But, you're right, multiple posting is not a good idea.

Actually, you were the first person I thought of to address the problem - but your book clearly stated VS 2012 so I felt it might not be appropriate to ask the detailed question in your forum as you never mentioned VS 2013. I did feel my more general question related to your book and I'm very happy that you took it to the next step and solved the initial problem. Also I'm very glad you've encouraged me to stick with 2013 as I was about ready to scrap it! Per your invitation, I'll report any other VS 2013 problems that are specific to things in your current book.

Once again, you are a great resource in the MS development world and much appreciated. Microsoft should automatically give you a healthy percent of their stock shares :-)

Originally Posted by Imar View Post
I am about to finish the first draft of an updated version of the book for VS 2013 and ASP.NET 4.5.1.
Any idea when the new book will be released?