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Default Chapter 14 - Unable to list DB from the given sample program.

Dear Sir,

Referring to the first Sample program from chapter 14.

I have encountered this error "InvalidArgument=Value of "0" is not valid for 'SelectedIndex' during run the Sample program "Ch14createDatabase" -> Database management Subsystem > click on file > click on Select Server.

The error is captured from frmserverSelect.cs file as below.

private void btnServer_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
short i;

cmbServer.SelectedIndex = 0; // Use the server they selected to list databases
serverToUse = cmbServer.SelectedItem.ToString();

string conn = "Data Source=" + serverToUse + "; Integrated Security=True;";
cmbDatabase.Visible = true;
lblDb.Visible = true;

using (SqlConnection sqlConn = new SqlConnection(conn))
DataTable tblDbs = sqlConn.GetSchema("Databases");

foreach (DataRow row in tblDbs.Rows)
i = (short)row.ItemArray[1];
cmbDatabase.SelectedIndex = 0; error occur here....
} catch (SqlException ex)
MessageBox.Show("Error occurred while reading database data: " + ex.Message);

I have followed every steps from the book. From my understanding this code is used to display the available database on the machine(my PC). In my case, i think, it fail to list out the SQL server name...

By the way, is there any way to use C# to detect the available SQL server on the local PC?

Perhaps, you can advice what goes wrong the codes or the System configuration so that i can resolved.

My PC setup..
1.Installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.
2.Installed Microsoft SQL Server Developer
3.Created New rule for TCP port 1433.

Thanks ..