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The markup page for the ContactForm.ascx (the user control) has the attribute ' ShowMessageBox="True" '.

The version of jquery is 2.1.0. It would take me some time to go through and revert to the version in the book, but I can do that later.

I went back and changed the lines in Web.config and Frontend.Master to read the way they were before setting up for jQuery. I had to comment out the jQuery script in the ContactForm.ascx as well since the references were no longer there. When I run the page that way, the message box shows up. When I revert again to having jQuery running, the message box is gone.

But it sounds like you are telling me the message box should be there even with jQuery, so at present this is a mystery unless the newer version of jquery is different in that way to the version from the book. That seems unlikely.

Of course the other possibility is that I've done something incorrect; but when I revert back and forth all I'm changing is which client side code is being created/sent, yes? I'm not changing anything else. Since the message box shows up when I revert that must mean something.

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