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Hi Imar,

Does it work to copy any of the chapters in the downloaded code and simply open them in Visual Studio as a new website solution?

For ex: C:\BegASPNET\Source\Chapter 12 -> C:\BegASPNET\Site2. And then just run that as the website I'm working on?

I briefly tried to do that this morning. I did not get the ShowMessageBox (I did turn it on in the ContactForm.ascx properties grid for the ValidationSummary1 and it showed up TRUE in the markup).

I commented out the mySmtpClient.Send(myMessage) since that's not critical to see the jQuery animation; I put a 5 second sleep there. When I click send w/ validated data, the animation runs, so jQuery is functioning. I also checked the transmitted html and found the 1.7.2 jquery src attribute.

I just don't have the ShowMessageBox, even using the downloaded code.

So that begs the question what could possibly be at play?

Best Regards,
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