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Default Next Chapter after 19?

Hi Imar,

I'm still re-grouping a little after finishing your book. BTW, I did post my review on Amazon. I hope it meets with your approval.

I don't know how many will read it, but I certainly read as many reviews as I could before investing my time in your book, which was time well spent. I appreciated others helping me make sure I purchased a book that would teach effectively and efficiently which yours does.

So I need keep moving forward. The obvious choice seems to be "Professional ASP.NET 4.5 : in C# and VB". I didn't see the activity on that forum as there is on your forum here. Is that because at that level most people don't need much help? I did notice you made a post there. Do you scan that forum often as well?

I also noticed one post on Amazon suggesting the VB code is not as well represented in the book as C#. Do you know that to be true? I am a VB person. I did download the code and it looks like there's VB code there. Thanks.

I do have a few quick questions I'd like some help with in the interim before I move forward with the next book. Since it is material outside of your beginning book I will post it on the main ASP.NET 4.5 forum (or should I use a different forum?). Please take a quick look and see if my questions are relatively easy to answer.

Thanks for all your help getting through this. I will follow up later on the remaining issues when I get back to IIS 8 implementation. I didn't seem to have any security problems with my hosting service. We'll see as I add the databases and other features from your book to my website.

Best Regards,

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