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I have searched a lot of places about Student-grades. However I found that your design is more extensive because it includes the StudentGrades capability.

And your CourseOfferings table conforms to 3NF because you moved the CourseOfferingDays in a separate table. Other models I saw were not careful in this aspect and mixed it together. Nice job !

One thing that made me wonder is why does some model name the CourseOfferings as Sections. It is a synonym?

Lastly, would you offer help on the following :

Lets say we already calculate the total marks for a student based on all the quizzes and exams for a CourseOffering.

We would then determine its grade based on a certain criteria.

Let say the criteria is as follows :

90 to 100 A
70 to 89 B
50 to 69 C
40 to 49 D
0 to 39 F

How do we store the grading. Do we store it in a table linked to other tables or store it separately.

Some courses would have different gradings. How would we link it to the present database.

I use vb6 as the front-end and access2007 as the back-end.