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Thank you for still offering to help although you have allocated a lot of time answering this thread.

OK Sir. Let me be clearer on the question.

I already know how to calculate total score based on the weightages. The model makes it easy to do so because everything is kept neatly in the model.

Lets say I calculated the final score for John Doe in Maths 101 for Semester 1 in 2014 as 78. I would then use the grading scale below to determine the final gred in StudentCourses table for John Doe. It would be recorded as a B.

Here is the grading scale :

90 to 100 A
70 to 89 B
50 to 69 C
40 to 49 D
0 to 39 F

a) Could we create a table from the grading scale, lets say GradingScales

b) What are the fields we can put in it

c) What would be the primary key and unique keys

d) How is this table linked to the present model in figure B-16. (To which table would it link)

How about Situation B :

e) If Comp 101 have a different grading scale, Lets say

90 to 100 EXCELLENT
70 to 89 GOOD
0 to 39 WEAK

could it fit in the model?

Situation C :

f) Maths101 for Summer Semester in 2014 have a different scaling than Semester 1 in 2014 :

80 to 100 A
60 to 79 B
50 to 59 C
40 to 49 D
0 to 39 F

could it fit in also?

I hope you have the idea what I am trying to achieve.

Thank you