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Default Graphic disapeared

Hi all,

I have the following code:

private void DrawLine(int pNumber, string pLabel)
FontStyle Style = FontStyle.Regular;
Font Arial = new Font(new FontFamily("Arial"), 9, Style);
Graphics Graph = this.CreateGraphics();
SolidBrush Brush = new SolidBrush(Color.Blue);
Pen MyPen = new Pen(Color.LightBlue);

Graphics Graphics = this.CreateGraphics();
Graphics.DrawString(pLabel, lArial, Brush, mXOffset, mYOffSet + 2);
Graphics.DrawRectangle(MyPen, mXOffset, mYOffSet, mWidthText, mHeigh);
// ....

When use these to draw something in a Form. They are ok (visible)
but when i minimize and maximize, all graphics disapeared.

Why is that? is that b/c they are created in a local function?

Thank you
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