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Default Updating records

Please can anyone tell me how to update a database from an ASP page. I'm a beginner please help me & I've gone mad trying all possible types.Please Please Please Please do help me and I'm using MS-Access 2000,the structure of the table is as below:-

Username(Name of the person)-Text(size-150)
MailAddr(Email-id of the person)-Text(Size-80)
Residence(Residential Address)-Text
Phone(Residence phone number)-Number
Fax(Residence Fax Number)-Number
Mobile(Mobile number)-Number
Company(Name of the company working)-Text
Address(Address of the company)-Text
dept(name of the department working)-Text
office(Office phone number)-Number
officefax(Company fax number)-Number
notes(General Notes)-Text

I have entered details to the database and when i click the update button against particular person a new page should be opened wherein I can update some fields.