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Default Re: Chapter 14 - Unable to list DB from the given sample program.

For anyone else who ran into this problem.
I too ran into the same problem and realized that it had to do with the named instance on my computer. what I did was to concatenate the server name and instance name in the combobox items. Like this:
 foreach (DataRow row in dbTable.Rows)
                SqlSL = new clsSqlServerList();
                serverName = row[0].ToString();
cmbServer.Items.Add(serverName +"\\" + row["InstanceName"])
Also you could use the following console application code to list SQL server instances:
Hope this helps. Good luck!

using System.Data;

using System.Data.Sql;

using System;

public class ListSqlInstances

    public static int Main(string[] args)

        SqlDataSourceEnumerator sqldatasourceenumerator1 = SqlDataSourceEnumerator.Instance;

        DataTable datatable1 = sqldatasourceenumerator1.GetDataSources();

        foreach (DataRow row in datatable1.Rows)


            Console.WriteLine("Server Name:" + row["ServerName"]);

            Console.WriteLine("Instance Name:" + row["InstanceName"]);

            Console.WriteLine("Is Clustered:" + row["IsClustered"]);

            Console.WriteLine("Version:" + row["Version"]);

        return 1;