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Default Lot's of Questions

I have a lot of questions in regards to the book content. I don't just want to type the code and regurgitate what I read. I want to understand why I'm typing what I'm typing. That said...

1. On page 7, step 7, I put % in the line to display the date/time. Why? If I delete them, the code still appears to work. On page 50, virtually the same code is used, but the % isn't there. Why?

2. On page 14, at the bottom, I am told most ASP.NET tags begin with asp: prefix. Why? What purpose does the "asp" serve and is it always necessary?

3. I frequently see runat="server" inserted into the code. Does this mean that the code runs on the server, like suggested on page 15, second paragraph? Can I delete it, or put something else in? What else can I put in?

4. On page 164, step 4, the number entered on the calculator is converted to a Double. I'm guessing this is to allow for extremely large numbers AND to allow for slightly faster computation?

I'm sure I'll come up with more. I am not just looking for answers. If someone can direct me to a place where I can find them, COOL! I just like learning exactly WHAT I'm typing and not just relying on the VWD GUI to do everything for me or just regurgitate some code because "that's what I was taught".

Thanks for the help!
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