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Default Astonished and humbled


Thanks for your reply, which lists, in painfully polite detail, the 32,389 errors I made in 25 lines of code. I would tell you how many errors per line that comes to, but at this point I don't even trust myself to do division. You are astonishing, and I can't believe how polite you have been when replying to my CSS (cascading series of stupidities). You will not hear from me again until I reach chapter 10 at least ... my version of self-punishment (sort like abstaining from Imar for Lent).

The summary: you are amazing, and a blessing to the stupid.

Thank you 100 times for your perceptiveness, and thank you 1,000 times for your patient forbearance with me. The only positive thing I can think of (for you, not for me) is that other people's problems will now seem like minor absentmindedness in comparison. Or you can make a game of it: post my list of errors on your wall and throw darts at it: the larger the number you hit, the more points. Ask your friends over for beers and a goot time, but I would appreciate if you could leave my name off the list you post on the wall ... someday I might actually MEET one of your friends, maybe at an airport terminal somewhere, and I'd be embarrassed to watch them falling onto the floor, pointing their finger at me and laughing hysterically.

Have a good week, and may God bless you this week by keeping the idiots away from you for at least the next seven days.

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