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Default LayersOfMap Try It Out example in Ch. 6

I have tried the simple example starting on page 168 in VB .NET, following the instructions and then copying and pasting the vb code that I downloaded. From what I can tell, my solution is the same as the one provided in the downloaded code, yet, when I try to use the tool (debug mode), the button grays out and no window pops up.

It works fine with the code provided with the book (after changing the application to version 10.2). I have checked all the associated files and they are identical except for the LayersOfMap.vbproj.FileListAbsolute.txt and AddInID.txt files, and the value between <AddInID> and </AddInID> in the Config.esriaddinx file. Both solutions are using the .NET 3.5 framework.

Any suggestions? I would prefer to be able to get a version that I created from scratch working rather than always copy the downloaded code. I was able to get some simpler Try It Out projects in Chapter 2 to work.