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I must say I am very surprised at the words and tone of your post. I once came here to this forum 15 years ago for help, after a number of years I became proficient and started helping others. I have been doing this ever since. This comment of your is the first time I can recall somebody who needs help has barked at me.

I am unsure if you are aware but there are very few senior members still monitoring the Wrox Classic ASP forms any longer. Have a look at the activity/dates etc...

I am very busy, when I come these days I only really type what is necessary (apart from today). If someone has a clear problem and I have a solution I will type it. if I come here and the problem isn't clear I will say this and ask the person to be more clear. This is what I did to you, did you listen, no. Instead of answering the questions and addressing the suggested actions you barked.

Do you know the foundation of how coding forums work? FYI forums are not a place to get code written. They are a place to bring specific issues including examples, errors, the offending line number etc...... This allows you to make the most of peoples time. It shows you have had a go at getting it correct.

There is a post somewhere about how to get the most out of forums. How to create a great post that will get you solutions. I cant find it. Perhaps some other member reading this may know where it is. Maybe they could even offer their opinion...
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