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I need clarification on something. On your original reply to my original post, you mentioned that the server might be using a different version of EF. Does that mean that there is EF code on the server, probably in the .NET Framework, that does something with the EF code in my ASP app before it's sent to the browser?
If yes, that could explain the problem, although I don't know how to fix it - it may take a discussion with the web server administrator. All files in the server folder of my asp app are exactly the same as the files on my desktop since I ftp all files from my desktop to the server. The one exception is the data source values in the web.config files, but those values on the server are the same for the SQL connection string and for the entity connection string, and the SQL stuff all works.
As I'm thinking about this... does the Build > Publish Website do some actual processing so that simply using ftp to transfer files won't work with EF even though it works with SQL connects?
Thank you for all your help! I will certainly be a lot smarter when I finally get this thing to work.