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Originally Posted by snowcrasher555 View Post
Well, I have to say that I would still recommend the book. There are no shortage of books out there, but I felt like I kind of understand how and why Javascript works by reading and working through chapters in this book. Many books start teaching programming concepts and syntax without even mentioning the web until much later, but I felt like this book did a good job of keeping me motivated. I worked through all the examples of the chapters I have read (that's why I found the error mentioned in this particular thread). With that said, I have some programming experience (in other languages), though I am not a professional by any stretch.

I have sort of jumped around in the chapters. There are typos, but this is the biggest one I found, and more often than not, it's not as big a deal. That's not to excuse the errors, but I actually think it's a pretty good book in general, and the reason I started with it is that it is recommended as part of a self-learning track on the website Javascript is Se Xy although it refers to the older edition, and some chapters have been combined and/or separated.

I think possibly the errata page has not been abandoned, but they just don't have a central place to receive reports of them, or they have forgotten to check this forum regularly. Actually, as I check the website for the book, they ask that users submit an Errata form:

I admittedly have no submitted with that form, so maybe that's the issue.
Thank you for a detailed answer. I also started with this book after reading "How to Learn JavaScript Properly | JavaScript is ****************".
There are really plenty of books on Javascript for beginners. Trouble is that most of them either don't teach Javascript and just offer some ready code snippets without detailed explanations of how it works.. or they try to teach Javascript but in a form that I don't like.
I really like the way "Beginning JS" is written. There's "Javascript and jQuery book" by Jon Duckett and Headfirst Javascript Programming but they are TOO visual for me.
I could also recommend (I'm really sorry, Wrox) "Modern Javascript. Develop and Design" by Larry Ullman. It's not often referred to but the book is really great. Covers all the necessary information in a lively and easy-to-follow manner.
P.S. Unfortunately, it seems that private messages are disabled on this forum. How do you practice JS apart from doing exercises from the book? What are your future plans in mastering web development?
I just started playing around with jQuery. Spend the whole day and passed the jQuery track on and skimmed through several jQuery books that are usually recommended. That's fairly entertaining,I must admit.
Of course, I wish I could do all these things using vanilla Javascript. But why invent the wheel, considering that even huge web projects actively use jQuery?
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