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Default Searching Criteria Issue

Hi all,
I have an issue with creating a search page. This should be easy, but i don't know which method to use. Please help.

First of all, i have an input page with 20 checkboxes; each with a unique Academic Majors(EX: computer science, electric engineer, doctor,etc.). Users can check up to 4 academic majors. When they hit 'submit' the data will be stored in a column(separated by a comma). For example let say a user checked NURSE, ACCOUNTANT, LAWYER. These 3 will be stored a field named "AMajor."

Here is my question. I need to create a SEARCH PAGE with the same 20 checkboxes. Let say I checked NURSE, ACCOUNTANT, and LAWYER. Anyone who selected these 3 majors in the input page should come up on my search result. How would I code my SELECT STATEMENT in my search page?

Thank you.


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