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Default listbox selection

Good afternoon,

I have two problems I can't seem to figure out, both regarding a listbox.

I have a listbox that is populated with several different fields. Here is the sql I use to populate the box:

SELECT DepartmentGoals.DepartmentGoalID, DepartmentGoals.Name, DepartmentGoals.Importance, DepartmentGoals.Open FROM DepartmentGoals ORDER BY [Open], [Importance], [Name];

What I want to do is: when the form containing the box opens select a particular listing (via the DepartmentGoals.DepartmentGoalID field) in the listbox.

Also, when a user clicks on a new list in the box I want to trigger an event that will extract the DepartmentGoals.DepartmentGoalID selected from the listbox.

I cannot seem to find the property or method to access this information though. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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