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Default How Do I Submit a Complaint About This Book

First, let me state that I have been buying books from Wrox for more than ten years. I have always recommended to friends interested in programming to check for books from Wrox because I have always felt that "Wrox can deliver".
I have built my programming on a foundation of Wrox titles, such as:
Ivor Horton's Beginning C++: The Complete Language
Ivor Horton's Beginning Visual C++
Ivor Horton's Beginning Java2

.. and several others for android development.

I recently purchased Professional C++ and was completely let down. Having browsed the table of contents and excited by seeing Section titles like:
Introduction to Professional C++
Professional C++ Software Design
Coding the Professional way
Mastering Advanced Features of C++

with chapter titles like:
A Crash Course in C++ and the STL
Working with Strings
Coding with Style

Designing Professional C++ Programs
Designing with Objects
Designing for Reuse

and in the two days I spent reading this text...
only one coding example was given..
nothing you wouldn't have found in a beginning C++ text was mentioned..
an actual statement that design patterns are beyond the scope of this book..
and my favorite (sarcasm) was the chapter on comments.

Professional C++ is an overstatement of the content it actually provides and pales in comparison to one of my favorite books by Wrox: Ivor Horton's BEGINNING C++.(the caps were for emphasis).

When looking to Wrox for advancing my programming to the next level to professional software design and professional level coding and engineering, I believed "Wrox would deliver" and chose Professional C++ as my next step. I have only spent the last two days covering some 150 pages of the text before I became convinced to express my dissatisfaction.

Is there a Wrox title that I may purchase that will elevate my level of C++ programming to professional software design, professional level coding, and software engineering?