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You'll have to format the data in such a way that you can read it back.
If you look at the createMuffin() method, you see that it is able to parse/read muffins formatted as follows:
Muffin_Name Size Chips
So, name followed by a space, followed by the size, a space and true or false for the chocolade chips.
If you want to use createMuffin to read data from a file, then you should modify output() to write it in that format. So, for example:
void Muffin::output()
	ofstream outFile("Muffin.txt", ios::out | ios::app);
        if(!outFile.is_open()) {
             cerr << "File could not open!";
	outFile << getDescription() << " " << getSize() << " " << boolalpha << getHasChocolateChips() << '\n';
Some notes:
* No need for the clear() or close(). The file is automatically closed.
* booalpha is used to write true/false instead of 1/0
* no need for the .c_str() when writing a std::string to a C++ stream.
* This obviously only works if there are no spaces in the name of the muffin. If you want to support spaces in the name, then you can take a look at the quoted manipulator. (see