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The methods "SelectNodes" and "SelectSingleNode" only work with XPath expressions that select nodes, if you want to evaluate XPath expressions returning a primitive value like a string, a number or a boolean then in the .NET framework you can do that by first using "CreateNavigator()" on your "XmlNode" (in general) or "XmlDocument" and XPathNavigator has methods like the "Evaluate" method which then returns the XPath result cast to the closest .NET type (e.g.

Dim value as Boolan = CBool(objXMLNode.CreateNavigator().Evaluate("*[(local-name(.)='CitationDocument') or (local-name(.)='JuvenileCitationDocument')]/msc:Citation/msc:Citee/msc:InCustodyIndicator = 'true'", objXMLNameSpaceManager))
should do to give you a boolean in VB.NET (if the CBool cast is the right way, not really being a VB.NET developer I am not sure about that but the documentation certainly has examples I hope that help you to work it out).
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