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Originally Posted by aabhi View Post
I’m working as a freelancer and creating different types of projects on C# language. From last few days, I’m handling a project in which I have to open .OST file in C#. For doing such things, I have written the following code:

private void CreateInboxSubFolder(Outlook.Application OutlookApp)
      Outlook.NameSpace nameSpace = OutlookApp.GetNamespace("MAPI");
      Outlook.MAPIFolder folderInbox = nameSpace.GetDefaultFolder(
      Outlook.Folders inboxFolders = folderInbox.Folders;
      Outlook.MAPIFolder subfolderInbox = null;
            subfolderInbox = inboxFolders.Add("InboxSubfolder", 
      catch (COMException exception)
            if (exception.ErrorCode == -2147352567)
                 //  Cannot create the folder.
       if (subfolderInbox != null) Marshal.ReleaseComObject(subfolderInbox);
       if (inboxFolders != null) Marshal.ReleaseComObject(inboxFolders);
       if (folderInbox != null) Marshal.ReleaseComObject(folderInbox);
       if (nameSpace != null) Marshal.ReleaseComObject(nameSpace);
After executing these code on C# programming, I get an error message ErrorCode=-2147352567. To sort out this error I have searched over p2p Wrox forum and found no thread.

So, I have searched over the Internet and found few useful resources. But I’m confused which will fix my programming error.

Please guide.
The error is on which line exactly?. You could try to exclude NULL values and see if that works. For reference check out :