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I'm currently switching email providers especially because of the new site and domain. It's better off emailing me direct. Just add to my username here.

A fellow I was working with a while back gave me a heap of stuff he already made for the project to get it started, so they may seem like examples. I figured it would be enough to get started. I added a little bit to it myself.

No, the weight addtibute is not the only attribute for BOM and Parts. The main goal for parts and BOM should not only be able to show inventory, parts usage, material data, part numbers, weight, size, units (ea, etc.) and a few more things. And you're completely right it would be parts and BOM in a back end.

I had originally considered using MySQL for this and or using Visual Studio 2019 and some SQL tools. But I'm still learning both. So sticking with what I knew seemed best. The only thing I have heard is that if more than 5 users are logged in, Access has problems.

There's no data in the tables, yet. There's a little bit of data in places but not a lot.

I don't know what the BOM_Template is linked to.

The program was not finished. So it just calls up the BOM. Like I said, what's there is a start. It really needs a clicky dash board with buttons that call up the different modules.