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Default Chapter 4 "<<>>" characters in form

If you write "<<some words>>" in "Movie Description", and click "Add", the "form4.php?step=2" only shows "<>" on the screen.
How to correct this?

Here is a small test i have written.
<form action="<?php $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];?>">
Name: <input type="TEXT" name="name" value="<<a name>>"><br>
Comments: <TEXTAREA NAME="comments" COLS=20 ROWS=2><<a comment>></TEXTAREA><br>
<input type="submit" value="go">
echo $_GET['name'] . '<br>';
echo $_GET['comments']. '<br>';
echo htmlspecialchars($_GET['name']). '<br>';
echo htmlspecialchars($_GET['comments']). '<br>';
print_r ($_GET);
<<a name>>
<<a comment>>
Array ( [name] => <> [comments] => <> )