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Default Accessing DTS scripting object in ActiveX script.

I want to access DTS scripting object (i.e DTSTransformPhaseInfo)
In my DTS ActiveX Script task, here is the code snippet...

dim fso
dim objStream

const OUTPUT_FILE = "c:\CSVstatus.txt"
set fso= CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

set objStream = fso.OpenTextFile(OUTPUT_FILE, 2, true)

Function InsertSuccessMain()
objStream.WriteLine("Status : " &
     InsertSuccessMain = DTSTransformstat_OK
End Function
Here I am getting
Object required: 'DTSTransformPhaseInfo'
Error message while executing the DTS package. As I am not much aware of this DTS framework. Please give me some idea how to access these DTS scripting object in ActiveX script.

Thanks in advance
- Pankiom