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Default FSO dynamic table sorting

I have used this code:

for previous projects and find it fairly simple to implement. However in this project all I'd like to dispay is the Filename and the last modified data into a dynamic table.

I can easily remove the headers for the unwanted data but this line...

' With the array nicely sorted, this part is a piece of cake!
For i = 0 To fileCount
    Response.Write "<TR>" & vbNewLine
    For j = 0 To UBound( theFiles(i) )
        Response.Write " <TD>" & theFiles(i)(j) & "</TD>" & vbNewLine
    Response.Write "</TR>" & vbNewLine

...calls all data columns in the directory?

I can I display (and filter/sort) only the Filename and Last modified?

Thanks for your help,