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Default 3rd Party App OTA Deployment


First, thanks Mr. Johnston and Mr. Evers for writing the book. It has been very informative.

I have a question (many actually, but one to start) about OTA "Pushing" of 3rd party apps via a BES 4.x w/ Exchange using an Application Control Policy. Is it possible to control or determine when an application will arrive on a handheld device?

I found Mr. Johnston's PPT here: which refers to the "next app push interval" and states "the default app push interval is 4 hours" which gives me hope the default can be changed. Can it? Is it in the BESMgmt DB and hackable or is it on the RIM NOC side and hopeless?

I also read this: which is consistent with what I experience, but very close to unacceptable. If it can take 12+ hours and you are testing but "never" get an app push, how do you know where the problem is? Is there a trace or log?

Anyway, hopefully you have a "trick" to push an app in some reasonable timeframe and know it got there.

Thank you,

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