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Default How do I Unhide a Form?

I am using two different forms to open a third form. For simplicity, lets say FormA and FormB have buttons to open FormC.

Here is the problem. When I open FormC from either FormA or FormB, the first Form is hidden:

    [code from FormA]
    DoCmd.OpenForm "FormC", acNormal, , "Key=Forms!FormA.Key"
    Forms!FormA.Visible = False
    [code from FormB]
    DoCmd.OpenForm "FormC", acNormal, , "Key=Forms!FormB.Key"
    Forms!FormB.Visible = False

That part is simple enough but the problem comes when I close FormC. How do I unhide the appropriate form?

When I use the following code, I get error if FormC was opened from FormB:

    Forms!FormA.Visible = True

Any help would be appreciated.
-Shay Shepston