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Default Chapter 13, useraccount.php

There seems to be a problem with the Modify Account function, in useraccount.php ... When you create an account, and modify the access level with an Administrator, the "Full Name" field is filled with your Admin's name field, instead of the account you're modifying. Therefore, if you change the access level and save it, you will change the new account's name to match your admin account!

What's worse, the screenshot in the book (page 456) shows this happening, the user "George Smith" gets modified, and "admin" is displayed in the edit box.

Changing the $name inside useraccount.php (I used $uname) fixes the functionality for it, but why is it happening? If there's a conflict with a global variable, why isn't the DB read overwriting YOUR logged-in-as name, instead of the other way around?

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