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Default file search method

From what i understand about File Search, the program will pick out the file name that contains the word/phase. However, what if all the files contain the same word/phase?

An example of different file names:
(1) "happy_work_009"
(2) "happy_tuesday_work_001"
(3) "happy_monday_work_001"
(4) "wednesday_work_005"

So basically, I want to retrieve all files that contains just the word "happy"? How do i search for a file in a directory?

And also, how do i condition the file search not to go thru the files whose size are 0kb and also to retrieve file from a period of time using msoConditionAnytimeBetween property??

Im using the vba to write the codings out. need urgent help please?


fs = application.filesearch
fs.lookin = directory
fs.filename = variable & "??????????????.dat"
With fs.PropertyTests
        .Add Name:="Last Modified", Condition:=msoConditionAnytimeBetween, _
             Value:=Format(dt1, "dd MMM yyyy"), _
             SecondValue:=Format(dt2, "dd MMM yyyy")
end with

Best Regards,
Farina =P
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