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Default Visual studio 6 or visual studio .NET

Hi everyone,
           I had developed an application long time back in my college days in visual c++ 6 . The coding that was done was totally raw coding , and now i want to make that code modular and robust for professional use.But during those days .Net was not available , so the entire code was developed in visual studio 6.
  Now i am going to start coding the application from scratch , but now i am confused if i should use .Net for this . I tried using VC++ .Net but the IDE was totally different , but no problem i would get used to it. But are there any special features for which i should opt for VC++ .Net and not VC++ 6.i wanted to make my application very robust , so is there any special provision in .net framework for exception handaling.
here's a brief description of the application.
It's a user friendly IDE that i had developed. It takes some parameters from the user in a particular sequence. stores them in access file . Once this is complete it opens lots of files , makes changes in those files as per data in access file and finally concats them in a single file. Here there is no secrity issue , only thing important is user friendly IDE . I had used ActiveX to make it user friendly.
    Please suggest appropriate platform for development

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