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Default how to send http post request via stored procedure

Hello Sir

i am a beginner level programmar. i have got a task and need help on
that. Plz Help me.

i have to send a http post request from a stored procedure to a URL.
and also from that stored procedure i have to send XML Data to the URL.

i have following XML Info.

          <TRANS_ID>Vendor's Transaction ID </TRANS_ID>
          <SOURCE_ID> Vendor's Name </SOURCE_ID>
          <MDN> Vendor's MDN </MDN>
          <DEALER_ID> Vendor's Dealer ID </DEALER_ID>
                                            <VALUE>MDN where recharge
amount to be transferred </VALUE>
                                            <VALUE>Unique PIN given to
distributor on registration</VALUE>

i have to send this information to a URL via a stored procedure.

i have to use stored procedure because we also have to store these
information in a table.

also, we have to store the response from that URL.

now, I am asking about what approach i should take. and how to solve
this problem.

i will be very thankful to you.


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