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Default Link Problems with"unresolved external symbols"

:(When I task built the program described in Chapter 2 of Introduction to Visual C++ 6.0 by Ivor Horton (Document X03-58736-0598), pp 64-65;71-72, I had several problems with the compilation. I have 20 Lnk2001 error messages for various symbols. Most of the symbols, like __imp__DrawTextA@20 and __imp__DispatchMessageA@4 start with __imp__ as a prefix. Whee I look up each symbol after discarding the prefix, I am told that I have to import user32.lib. ;)

THE QUESTION: How do I include this library? Describe, as best as you can, the button clicks that get me where I need to go so that I can fill in the blanks that fix things.


Clayton E. Benignus