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Default Mailing list module has error - HELP

<VB.Net version of the code>
I created a subscription form with the wizard, then I created a very no thrills html page to hold the form. I then attempted to subscribe using the form and received an error on the following page:

localhost/ThePhileVB/WebModules/MailingLists/Subscribe.aspx?ListId=14&FirstName=David&LastName= Smith& ubscribe

Here is the error on the page

Control 'Header_SignOut' of type 'LinkButton' must be placed inside a form tag with runat=server.

The subscription was successful: I received an email, and the database was updated with the subscription, however the subscribe.aspx page came up with the above mentioned error.

I edited the siteheader and found nothing wrong with it.

Please help, I'm clueless