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Default Mailing List app has more errors - Help

Here is another one.

Please note the html link resulting from the subscribe form:

http://localhost/ThePhileVB/WebModules/MailingLists/Subscribe.aspx?ListId=14&FirstName=david&LastName= soul&Email=oo7_soul@YAHOO.COM&Submit1=Submit&Actio n=Subscribe

This brings up the results page subscribe.aspx with the following:

Welcome to the mailing list DVD
Welcome to the mailing list DVD, dear david soul.
We hope you'll enjoy our news!

- ThePhile.COM

Click the following link to unsubscribe:

Please note that the link to unsubscribe doesn't have the ID numbers.

The New Subscription Email doesn't have the numbers either.

What's going on? Is there a updated version of this code??

How do is fix this?