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Default A product development problem.

I have a small product software (one application to be distributed to a number of firms) developed using VB6.0. It basically has an EXE file and a config XML file. My problem is that both its configuration and the exe itself needs to be changed frequently (atleast once in a month).

I am updating the configuration details as below. The configuration details are taken from an XML file which I am updating using an update button in the programme. I have put the XML file in a website and users can click the update button on the tool to download this and replace their local copy.

However, I am not able to do the same for the application itself. I can download the new version of application, but not able to replace the working one becuase of sharing violation. Is there any way I can create a patch application, allow it to be downloaded and and run it to replace the exe file ?

I have seen the working of PC-Cilin into which I can download virus patterns. But, it has got a feature to change its engine itself. I am trying to mimic this feature.

May anybody tell me some solutions ?


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