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Default Wrox with VS Pro and SQL Server 2005 Standard

I am very new to SQL Server and even newer to ASP and even newer yet to IIS. I spent about 7 hours trying to get the demo up and running with the tools I was going to use in production. My own fault for not using the recommended tools.

I have the following setup on my pc:

- SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition
- Visual Studio 2005 Profesional Edition
- IIS 5.1

Knowing nothing about IIS and SQL security were the bigest issues.

Thanks to JJJones3860 and Dave Sussman for clues in there other posts. www.ASP.NET also helped.

Here are the steps I used to get it going.

1 - Created "c:\websites\WroxUnited"
2 - Extracted the files from FinalApp.Zip into the WroxUnited folder - Make sure you only have one level of "WroxUnited and not "c:\websites\WroxUnited\WroxUnited"
3 - Add "Network Service" access to "c:\websites\WroxUnited\app_data"
4 - Opened up Control Panel\administrative Tools\Internet Information Services
5 - Expand your local computer \ websites6 - Right Click on Default Web Site and add New Virtual Directory
7 - Enter "WroxUnited" for Alias
8 - set directory to "c:\websites\WroxUnited"
9 - Kept defualts for directory permission (MAY BE WHY MY DB IS READ ONLY????)
10 - After the Virtual Directory is created expand Default Web Site, right click on WroxUnited and select properties
11 - Select the ASP.NET tab
12 - Make sure ASP.NET version is 2.0.50727 –
13 - Then hit the apply button
14 - Select Edit Configuration
15 - Highlight LocalSqlServer and hit edit
16 - Change SQLSERVEREXPRESS to either (local) or your Local SQL Server Name (I entered "DPSQL" - My server shows up as "DPOHL\DPSQL")
17 - On the same line remove ";User Instance=true" from the end of the line (this is only used in sqlserverexpress)
18 - Save that line
19 - Highlight the WroxUnited line and repeat steps 16 - 18
20 - Hit ok a couple of times to get out
21 - Started my sql server
22 - Added a logon with the server role "sysadmin" for the user "DPOHL2\ASPNET"
23 – Open up http://localhost/wroxunited in your browser
24 – Your databases have now been attached to the sql server as read only
25 – Open up SQL Server Management Studio
26 – Connect to your Server
27 – Expand databases and right click the first newly added databases and choose properties \ Options
28 – Scroll to the bottom and set read only to false
29 – Repeat steps 27 – 28 for the second database

Now you should be good to go.

If anyone more knowledgeable can shed any other hints or corrections to what I went through that would be great!